Do you require support with your to-do-list or your daily jobs? Let’s get them done together!

What are Daily Living Skills?

Daily Living Skills are the skills that are used by us in everyday life. Skills like cooking, cleaning, using money, catching public transport, the list continues!

Supports with Daily Living Skills can help people with a disability learn to do these tasks by themselves, as well as lend a hand as and when required.

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Daily Living Skills services at All Supports

At All Supports, no matter what support you require or what you want to learn, we can help.

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What Tasks Can All Supports Help Me With?

  • No matter what you require, we can support you with lots of different tasks, like:
  • Daily routines
  • Cooking and cleaning
  • Personal care
  • Shopping
  • Money and budgeting
  • Taking medication
  • Volunteering and working
  • Joining a group or club
  • Tips to make friends
  • Catching public transport
  • Working with Government services.

Can All Supports Staff Come to My Home?

Yes, we surely can! Our Support Workers can come to your home for short periods of time to assist you with tasks such as morning and evening routines and much more.

Our team can give anywhere from several hours per week to several hours per day. But it’s best that you first check what support your NDIS plan includes.

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Help Me to Do These Tasks on My Own?

Yes, we sure can. A large part of our service aims to help you learn to do some, or even all, of these tasks all by yourself.

Let us know what you wish to learn and we’ll make it happen.

Over time, this may mean you require less support from us or other service providers.

Will I Learn One-on-one or in Groups?

It’s all your choice! You might choose to learn as part of a group, where you can encounter new people.

Or, you might decide that you learn in a better way on your own. Just let us know.


Can All Supports Help Me Travel on My Own?

Yes, we can. If one of your goals is to travel by yourself own, we can help make this happen.

This might include catching a public transport, understanding road safety, or getting your driver’s license.

NDIS Support Categories

Daily Living Skills are backed under one of the following in your NDIS plan.