NDIS Cleaning

NDIS Cleaning

Cleaning services

All Supports provide cleaning/domestic assistance services for NDIS Participants.

Why do participants use domestic cleaning?

Domestic cleaning is used by those with disabilities who may not be able to clean their home properly due to inhibiting issues.

Attempting to clean with their disabilities may result in injury or harm to others. However if the house isn’t cleaned properly it can become very dirty and messy which can be an issue for the inhabitants of the house.

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What can All Supports clean?

All Supports provides cleaning to those registered under the NDIS. We will clean your entire home based on your needs – so all the rooms that require cleaning or if you’d like to have the whole house cleaned we can do that too. Our domestic cleaning service will cover your bathroom, living room, kitchen, bedroom, and all the other rooms that require cleaning.

All Supports also cleans carpets, windows, furniture, laundry and all other forms of cleaning.

Our cleaning covers

  • Domestic cleaning
  • Laundry
  • Housekeeping
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Who does the cleaning?

Our disability support workers are available to clean your home. They are qualified and professional staff who will clean exactly what you require up to your standards.

How much do your cleaning services cost?

Our cleaning services depend on the hours required and they day as well (e.g. weekend rate, public holidays) to clean according to the NDIS Price Guide. This will be located under Core Supports, ‘Assistance with Daily Living’ (Support Category 1.01).

Pricing cleaning

Do I need to prepare anything before the cleaner arrives?

If possible, try to declutter your home by removing valuable or private items such as your passport, wallet etc. During cleaning it is likely that some rearranging of the furniture or desk for example may be moved so it is important to remove your valuable items beforehand in case it may be lost.

Pets – if you do have pets, try to keep them in a separate room or outside the house as they may be startled by any cleaning and so they aren’t in contact with poisonous cleaning chemicals.

Where is cleaning located under the NDIS Price Guide?

Cleaning would be located under Core Funding – Assistance with Daily Life – Assistance with Household Tasks. Page 41 of NDIS Price guide 2020-2021.

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Linen service

All Supports also provides linen cleaning if you are unable to clean your laundry.

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NDIS Cleaning – Category

NDIS Cleaning will fall under Core Supports: Assistance with Daily Living of your plan.

Why would someone need cleaning services?

Those living with severe disabilities or those that heavily affect their ability to move around will not be able to properly clean their house. Their environment can become subject to mould, become very dirty and unsanitary over a longer period of time.


Can non NDIS registered cleaners provide cleaning services for NDIS participants?

The answer is yes. But only if the participants are under a self managed plan.