NDIS Meal preparation and delivery

The NDIS will provide funding that is required for the preparation and delivery of meals, the condition being that it’s directly associated with your disability and regarded as ‘reasonable and essential’.

So, if your disability refrains you from shopping or preparing meals yourself, the NDIS can consider it as being reasonable and necessary and provide funding for it.

NDIS Meal preparation and delivery is provided for participants that are unable to prepare and cook their meals. If you are unable to cut vegetables, meat, use ingredients, operate cooking equipment such as stove or pans for example, then using meal preparation and delivery is good option.

So NDIS might also fund meal preparation and delivery if your primary career only has the time and opportunity to provide you with the necessary supports and not with shopping or cooking. However, it’s important to note that if you (or your primary career) are able to shop and cook for yourself, the NDIS won’t cover it.


NDIS doesn't fund ingredients

  • The NDIS only funds meal preparation and delivery if your disability is not allowing you from doing it yourself.
  • The NDIS does not cover the costs of the ingredients.
  • Even though your Core Support budget is flexible, ensure you keep a close track of it so you don’t run out of money for other important things. You may check our online customer Dashboard to keep an eye on your spending!
NDIS Price guide meal prep and delivery