What is NDIS Plan Management?

Every time you access a service or purchase any equipment with your NDIS funding you are getting into a financial transaction which is as per the rules and regulations of the NDIS.

Plan management is a selection related to who will be responsible for maintaining a track of your budgets and paying your service or purchase invoices.

For some people living with disability managing finances can turn out to be a tiresome work, so it’s important to consider how you’re going to administer your NDIS funding.

At the time of your first planning meeting, your planner will find out how you’d like to manage your NDIS funding and there are many options for you to keep in mind.

When you enter into a service with an NDIS provider it is important to create a service agreement and be aware of your responsibilities and the terms and conditions of the service.

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Types of NDIS Plan Management

There are three main types of NDIS Plan Management for you to select from. You can also choose to be in charge of your plans with a combination of the following options.

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Self Managed

In a self-managed plan, NDIS participants or their carers can elect themselves to handle claims manually through the NDIS Portal.

You would go for this path if you’re confident that you can regulate your own services, finances, and record keeping.

You can also choose to go for service providers who aren’t Registered NDIS Service Providers.

Agency Managed

With an agency managed plan NDIS participants shelve responsibility for their plan management to the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA).

Most of the NDIS plans are managed this way and remove the burden of tracking and managing finances.

However, agency management isn’t as flexible as other plan management options as you are restricted only to services provided by NDIS registered providers.

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Plan Managed

With plan management, NDIS participants can elect an independent Registered NDIS Service Provider to provide assistance with the financial facets of their plan.

You can get funding in your NDIS plan to pay for Plan Management services under the Improved Life Choices category.

Similar to self-managed plans, you can also choose to use service providers who are not Registered NDIS Service Providers.

Plan Manager’s Duties

  • Pay your invoices.


  • Service and item payments.


  • Claim from your plan and then pay some amount that goes towards the total cost to your provider.


  • Tracking of the budget by way of monthly statements.


  • If you want the liberty of a broader choice in service providers without the administrative load of managing financial paperwork, then Plan Management could be the best ideal option for you.


  • Do not forget, you still have choice and control to make sure your services are working for you and appropriate according to your budget irrespective of who is responsible for the management of the financial aspects of your plan.
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