NDIS Support Coordination

Want a provider that really gets you? All Supports Coordinators can connect you with the correct NDIS services.

What is Support Coordination?

When you have an NDIS plan, you can make a decision regarding which service providers you work with.

Some people search for and coordinate their services by themselves, but it can be quite tedious. That’s when Support Coordination might be involved in your NDIS plan.

Support Coordinators can assist you find mainstream and other disability services that are appropriate for you.


NDIS Support Coordination

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NDIS Support Coordination at All Supports

At All Supports, our support coordinators assist you to make the most of your NDIS funds.

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What can Support Coordinators help me with?

All Supports Coordinators can assist you to find and connect with different mainstream services.

This could be a TAFE course, a physiotherapist, or even getting a mental health plan by your GP.

They can also provide help with:

  • Be a part of your community
  • Find and connect with local NDIS supports
  • Understand your NDIS plan
  • Understand your budget
  • Plan out the best way to spend your funds

To learn more about what exactly is in a support coordinator’s role

  • Use the myGov website and NDIS Participant Portal
  • Prepare for the review of your NDIS plan.

Do Staff at All Supports Know the Best Local Services for Me?

Yes, we absolutely do! Our Support Coordinators are locals themselves!

They have fabulous relationships with local services and supports and will ensure they always find the appropriate fit for you.

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Do Support Coordinators provide plan management?

While very similar, support coordinators are not required to provide plan management at all. The main goal of support coordinators is to help you reach your NDIS goals from your plan and help connect you with the appropriate services.

To learn more about support coordination visit https://allsupports.com.au/ndis-support-coordination-a-guide-for-participants/

NDIS Support Categories

Support Coordination is financed under Capacity Building – Support Coordination in your NDIS plan.

If you do not have Support Coordination in your plan, you (or your nominee) will be required by you to do these tasks.

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