NDIS Support Worker

NDIS Support Worker

What do they do?

NDIS Support Workers can help participants with a range of activities – helping transport and drive participants to work/ shopping, cooking or helping them with daily activities.

NDIS Support Work

What support workers do exactly?

Support those with behaviours of concern and high complex needs. Support workers have to have great listening, reading and communication skills and be able to understand non verbal cues from the participants.

Support workers also have to know about the disability and the needs required by the participant, as well as the NDIS goals.

Support workers may also be required to work days, nights, overnights, 24 Hour care etc. according to the needs of the participant.

When choosing a support worker it is also important to choose someone that understands your disability and shares similar interests. All Supports also has support workers available who speak different languages and are able to translate requests or any questions you may have to service providers.