We provide transport supports for a participant where it is reasonable and necessary and the supports are directly associated with the functional impact of their impairment(s).

All Supports disabled girl in wheelchair

Generally, transport supports funded by the NDIS are:

  • Training and support to use public transport;
  • Alterations to private vehicles, driver assessment and training; and
  • Some costs related to the use of taxis, private transport or innovational transport options.

Transport is located under your Core Funding from the NDIS Price Guide.

Other service systems fund/provided are:

  • Available public transport options.
  • Management of disability parking and related initiatives.
  • Concessions to ease the use of public transport, including where a full concession is provided.
  • Community transport services.
  • Facilities for transportation to hospitals or other medical services.

There are two categories for transport supports under the NDIS Price Guide:

General Transport

“This support item allows a participant pays a provider to transport them to an activity that is not
itself a support – or to a support that is delivered by another provider. This enables the participant to travel to and from appointments or their place of work. ”

Specialised Transport

“This support item provides for specialised transport services for a participant to a school,
educational facility, employment, or the community. “

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